Spreading the eco-friendly way!

So a few of my friends have really started to take an interest in an eco-friendly way of life. I want to try and help them begin to change their way of life around, putting the earth first and really thinking in an eco-friendly way with everything they do.

lush green grass and girl with balloon

So I had a little brainwave! People like to meet for various reasons, don’t they? I mean, things like book clubs are popular. Why not have a weekly meeting where we can discuss topics about eco-friendliness – over a good glass of organic wine of course!

Let the meeting begin!

I spoke to my good friend Beth about it. She thought it was a great idea, but I suspect that might have been because there would be wine involved. Shame, let me not be too harsh on poor Beth. Over the years she has certainly had to put up with all my ideas and to be fair, she lives a fairly eco-friendly existence.

So the plan was as follows. My immediate group of friends (six of us in total) would all attend the first meeting but we all had to bring someone with us. We scheduled the first Eco Warriors meeting for the next Wednesday.bottles of wine

I spent most of that day making nice treats for my guests. A few finger snacks, some beautiful wine and lastly, a lip-smacking almond tart. At 7pm the guests began to arrive. Although I knew mostly everyone, Beth had brought her sister-in-law who had only recently come to town. What a great person Tracey turned out to be. She already was into the eco way of life and actually had some great suggestions.

She wore this incredible brooch that really stood out for me. It was made from a piece of wood taken from loggers in the Amazon. What an incredible statement that made. It just makes me mad to think that people can destroy a habitat like that without any consequences.

The brooch itself was then sanded down into the shape of the amazon rain forest. The areas where intense logging takes place were marked with red paint, which really stood out from the bark. I really love brooches but this one especially because it is a real conversation piece. In fact, Tracey wears it every day just so people can ask her about it, which due to its uniqueness, they always do.

wooden brooch showing amazon

We spent the night deciding how to guide the beginner eco-warriors in the group to start out in their quest helping Mother Nature. We had a lot of great examples of simple things that can be done in this regard. For example, starting by using eco-friendly cleaning products as well as beauty products.

Naturally, the wine flowed and by the course of the evening, we allocated Mary, who doesn’t drink as the person to produce some notes, just in case we forgot all the important points. Our next meeting is in a week’s time. For now, I’m off to find one of those amazing brooches so I can share that story!

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