Our recycled home bar project

record playerMy husband loves listening to old rock music, and has been collecting vinyl records since we were teenagers. For his last birthday, I went to http://www.rockitrecordplayers.com.au and bought him a brand new record player… which he loves! While we were sitting around listening to the Rolling Stones, we began talking about how nice it would be to invite our friends over…have some cocktails and flip a few records. We have a few bars and pubs that we frequent, but we’ve always dreamed of having a nice place to entertain at home. I could hardly remember the last time we had people over!

With the decision set to design our own bar, we didn’t want it to look like anyone else’s, or anything conventional…we wanted one with a beautiful, aged look.  That’s how we decided to use reclaimed wood to construct our new home bar. Not only would it be more durable, of higher quality, and more sustainable than brand new wood- it would be a work of art. I couldn’t wait to start working on it.

Building with reclaimed wood isn’t a novel idea; there’s plenty of literature out there to assist with the process. Most importantly… the wood! An antique store referred us to someone selling pieces of wood from an old barn that had been recently torn down. When it arrived, it was so beautiful that I could hardly believe my eyes! A local carpenter helped us piece it together and finish the project. What would a bar be without bar stools? I found a beautiful set here: http://www.bohobarstools.com.au

reclaimed wood bar stools

It feels great to have a new and inviting space in my home to entertain guests. Everyone loves the look of our bar; in fact, most of my friends can’t stop complimenting it! Though it took a bit more effort to find good quality materials, choosing to use reclaimed wood is truly the sustainable choice. And we intend to use eco-friendly cleaning products to keep it sparkling!. With kids in the house, it’s a wonderful way to educate them about how we make decisions that preserve our environment, especially the rainforests.


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