Preparing for a camping holiday

Finally it is almost holiday time!  The kids are really looking forward to a break from school work and I am as well!

I want to keep costs as low as possible for this year’s holiday so we have decided to stay local and to make our holiday a camping one.  Not only will it be a cheaper option, but it gives the kids the freedom of the outdoors on our own terms.  What could be better than that!


Before we go anywhere however, there is plenty of planning to do.  I want a new passport holder to keep all our documents that we might need on the trip.  Things like my driver’s licence, booking confirmations for the camping site, car registration papers and of course our holiday cash.  The wallet really needs to be eco-friendly as well.  It took some time, but I managed to find a really nice travel wallet and I have placed an order.  It will arrive the week before we leave.

Camping is a great holiday idea

I want to make the holiday fun.  One thing that I thought would be different would be to have a picnic every day.  I told the kids about my picnic plan and they loved it.  It will also allow us to explore the natural surroundings where ever we choose to have our picnics.  I remember when I was a child; picnics were never only about the food, but about exploration of your surroundings and I loved taking time to explore the nature around me.  I think that is how I learnt to love nature so much.


We just need a nice large eco-friendly ground covering for our picnics and general camp site area. I recently found a great selection of picnic rugs from a company called Bask and I’m keen to find out how environmentally friendly their materials are. They focus their products on living life outdoors which I love so I’ll have to investigate some more.

Of course camping is the perfect eco-friendly holiday which keeps in with how I want to live my life and how I want to bring up my children to respect nature.  For that reason we will be camping at three different campsites.  One is near a wooded area, one near a beach and one is right on a river.  Three different forms of nature for the kids to enjoy themselves in… perfect!   They really need the break; school has been extremely busy for them this year.  If I am to guess, I really think they will enjoy the beach the most.  They both love swimming and it is on a very quite piece of coastline where the seas are pretty calm.  I am also packing in some fishing rods, so hopefully we can catch a few fish as well.

The camping site by the river is a personal favourite of mine.  It is where my father used to bring us to camp.  There always was a little boat tied up that you could use on the river.  I hope it is still there, the kids will love rowing up and down.

I really can’t wait; I hope these last few days fly by!

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