Decorating your Kids Bedroom with Eco-friendly Style

Children pick a lot of things more than we usually know or acknowledge. This is because kids learn a lot through observation. Because of this children learn more from people they spend most time with and it is parents that they spend more time with during their formative age. Parents are therefore the kid’s first and best teachers. It’s then important for you to recognize that every time you spend with your kid is a learning process for that kid.

Your actions around your kid are lessons that he/she quickly picks and this starts right from birth. You should therefore strive to be a good role model because the character that your kid picks from you at that early age will shape that kid adult life. You should strive to lay a good and strong foundation for your kid’s future.

When therefore you set to decorate your kids’ room with an eco-friendly style it’s important that you involve them in the process so that they learn from it. The way you make your eco-friendly choices gives them important lessons in living an eco-friendly life. Decorating your kids’ bedroom is also significant because the environment in the bedroom has a huge impact on the quality and quantity of sleep they will have.

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Eco-Friendly Home Decorating

Your decoration cannot start until you have been able to source and buy eco-friendly items needed for the exercise.

  • First look for eco-friendly wall art. An easy way to find eco-friendly wall art is by searching for items made from bamboo. Wall clocks are a quick and easy option and you can find an extensive range of wall clocks at this online store:
  • The most important item in the bedroom is the bed itself. This is why the next attention after sourcing for wall art is the bed. Sprucing up the bed with bright cushions would have a huge impact on the look of your kid’s bed and will give them enough comfort and sleep. There are several eco-friendly inserts that you can use such as corn fibre and pet fibre. To see a wide range of cushions online check out this store:
  • For tips on adding eco-friendly lighting, check out this post.

Once you’ve done away with sourcing of wall art, and spruced up the bed, the style you’re setting for your kids’ sleep sanctuary would have started taking shape. Now is the time to roll up sleeves and get down to decorating. Bathe the walls with colors that create harmony and balance in your kids’ room. Start with the basics such as deciding on the color theme and palette, and the pattern.

Eco-friendly paint

This is because eco-friendly paints have several advantages and benefits. Unlike the traditional paints that use a lot of chemical components leading to several ill effects such as burning eyes, nose and throat, skin irritation, minor skin burns, headaches and dizziness; and sometimes severe cases such as migraine, skin cancer, kidney damage and asthma, eco-friendly paints do not put you and your kids at such a risk because eco-friendly paints are mostly water based.

Traditional paints also contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are emitted when used to paint walls. Chemical waste left behind by VOCs is also non biodegradable and cannot be recycled; meaning VOCs leave behind harmful footprints. Studies have shown that people who’re continually exposed to VOCs are prone to lung cancer. Components in eco-friendly paints on the other hand, are natural and biodegradable.

You may however, find eco-friendly paints more costly than chemical based paints. But there is nothing costly when it comes to the health of your kids. It’s even more crucial when it’s your kids’ bedroom you’d be painting and decorating.

And finally, a thought about style…

Also ensure that the décor reflects the taste and personality that you would want your children to have. This is the place they retire too in the evening and wake up in the morning. The taste and personality in the bedroom will have a strong impact on their’ tastes and personalities as well.

All kids love drawing. You would therefore raise their excitement by keeping one wall in the room where you can make them experiment with drawing using eco-friendly chalk-board paint. Make sure that you guide them to hone in their taste, style and desires in the chalk-board décor.

At the end of the day you will find decorating your kids’ room an exciting exercise and a good learning process for your children.


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