Back from our camping trip!

Our camping holiday was such a blast! We really had such an incredible time as a family. Of course, the old camp site has changed slightly from what I remember when dad used to take us there as kids. But it still kept its appeal and the boys loved it.

That was the final site we visited on our trip. The first two, the wooded area and the beach were also impressive and as I said we would, we kept everything strictly eco-friendly.

A baby blanket at a campsite?

It was while we were setting up camp at our first location in the wooded area campsite that I heard her… and did we all hear her! It was a cry so loud that it would have woken the forest spirits! In fact, I am sure it did.

A few sites down from us was a small orange tent. The sound was coming from inside. I went to investigate, being curious and all. I found a mother and her small baby. The mother was beside herself with the babies crying. I quickly asked if I could help. The mother explained that the poor child would just not eat, and hadn’t for a few hours. She had no idea why, but the baby (who I later found out was called Charlie) just would spit out the bottle or any milk that she managed to get into her mouth. As a mother, I knew the feeling of helplessness when things like this happen, but I reckoned I knew what was wrong.

Charlie was covered in a beautiful baby blanket, which seemed to be made of natural materials. I asked if I could try to help and quickly scooped her up. I proceeded to try and wind her as I was sure that she had a wind stuck which was probably sour. After ten minutes of my best winding technique, Charlie let out a massive burp and wow, it certainly was sour. Almost immediately, she started laughing!

Her mother, Anna was so incredibly happy to see her baby girl laugh that she just burst out into tears. Now that the drama was over, I started to study Charlie’s blanket. It seemed to be made of hemp. I ask Anna about it and she told me that her husband works in a factory that produces clothes, blankets, throws and curtains from natural products. In fact, she had quite a few of them. She could see that I was really intrigued by the blanket, so she quickly went back into the tent and brought out a brand new one, wrapped in plastic. She gave it to me as a gift and at first, I really didn’t want to take it but Anna insisted.

So now, I have this beautiful baby blanket that will always remind me of Charlie and Anna and the day I helped them at the campsite. I use it to cover my legs when I am sitting outside at night, looking up at the beautiful heavens!