About Us

Discovery Forest is a site dedicated to helping you find the best eco-friendly products for your home. We research a range of products on the market to find household items that are top quality, economical and (of course!) environmentally friendly.

In Australia, we are extremely lucky to have such a wide range of options for household items but it’s important to consider how our choices impact the environment, and subsequently, our children’s future. We know that most busy households don’t have time to put the research in, so we’ve taken the guesswork out of it. On our blog, each article is dedicated to a new household item.

Why do we exist?

This blog was started by Nerys Major, a 45 year old Mum who is busy running a household with 3 kids and working part-time. Nerys has always been conscious of how her decisions impact the environment and she’s always been frustrated at the lack of information to help make these decisions. After too much time spent reading product labels, she decided to create the resource she’d been hoping for for years.

The goal of this website is to find cost-saving and environmentally friendly homewares for your home. Helping you to create a greener planet. Where possible, we source our products from small independently run businesses in Australia.

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